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Discussion in 'Bass' started by Sinesis, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. Sinesis

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    Hey i'm new here.. just needed to ask a question.. i am creating alot of music myself... mostly alternative rock\metal.. but a friend of mine wants me to create some hip hop beats for him.. and i've made some that he likes alot.. but i have problems with getting the bassdrum sound tight and hard.. it always has to much bass or to little bass..
    atleast when we play the beat in the car.. the sound is too bassy.. and very loose.
    The kind of bass drum sound i would like:
    2Pac - Hennessey(Ft. Obie Trice)
  2. alimoniack

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    If you mean live recording, the Electrovoice RE20 is what you need for hard, tight kick. If you point it at the spot where the beater is making contact it will definitely go thwack! I take it you've taken the "front" skin off the drum and tuned and dampened it...

    Alternatively, look at your eq and possibly add hi mids or cut unwanted lows, and of course ensure that your listening environment isn't giving you a false impression of the bottom end.
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    Also try using a second kick mic aimed to where the beater strikes the head and then mix it together with the frontside mic until you get the tone you like. Be sure and check the phase between the mics.
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    Jul 2, 2002
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    Hip Hop beats right? ..... Samples or midi triggered sounds, not real drums, correct?

    It sounds like the problem you are having is your mixes aren't traveling well. What sounds great in the control room sounds like dogg dooo in the car and on other stereos.

    You probably need at the least, some bass traps in your studio and most likey some other kinds of acoustic treatments too. Pehaps the monitors you are useing aren't up to the task ... Speakers and studio design go hand in hand ... one is reliant upon the other and what may work well in one enviornment may not work so hot in another.

    If this sounds to you like what the problem may be, talk to the folks in the Acoustics Forum. They will get you on the right track.
  5. Sinesis

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    Thx alot for the answers.. i was talking about real acoustic drums.
    Also i think i may need a sub for my monitors, i have the Behringer Truth B2031 series, personally i love them and i think they have a reall y true sound, atleast to my ears.. but they lack the very low frequencies that i need to be able to hear the lower bass kick tones.
    I will try double miking the bass drum.
  6. tedcrop

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    Try using a wooden tip beater. And you have to EQ the kick. Also drum heads and tuning makes a huge difference.

    But also ddrum triggers will get you into the computer and then assign what ever fake sound you want to the drums. If ou can't get the sound you want live.
  7. Sinesis

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