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    How important is a power regulator/power conditioner/EMI/RFI filter in a studio? Have anyone wrestled with power issues of it intruding into the mix?

    Anyone here un-ground their equipments because that "grounding may allow dirty power"? I know that tone freak eric johnson does that, other from replacing screws and the woods used and the battery preference, have his amps and boxes lifted.
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    It's important. The entire power structure is important. Ground loops are probably the most common problem and having everything routed through a power conditioner/regulator can help to minimize that sort of problem.

    Regulators are a bit expensive, but tf you are running lots of expensive equipment a regulator would definitely be important for protection and proper operation purposes.

    If your cable runs are short, you probably won't have any RF problems, but it can be a issue with long runs. It's also important to keep power and audio cabling separated to avoid interference.
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    If you do have to run power where it will cross over an audio run, you should do so at 90 dgrees.


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