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    wats good im new everybody and i was wondering if ne 1 knos how to clean vokals or mixing as u say it...i use a audio technica 3035 microphone and a Edirol UA25 interface so please help thnx.....
  2. What exactly are you trying to do? In plain english this time, please.
  3. Cash

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    you have to do what the track needs, and nothing else. so we cant help you as we dont know what your track that you wanna have mixed sounds like.
  4. PoetiKal

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    well u kno how they have that salvador cleaning process its sumtin like that im asken do ne 1 kno that website of salvador
  5. Cash

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    Who or what is salvador?
  6. PoetiKal

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    o sry i forgot he has a website for like a cleaning process for cep like wat do to after noise reduction and equalizing and other stuff nah mean
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    let this one go, guys.......just back away..........verrrrrrrry slowly.......... :?
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    I was curious ... Turned this up ...

    Some pretty amazing advice here :?
    I always thought the way to eliminate noise from my recordings was to make the room quiet before I record. Now I learn I should just run everything through noise reduction.

    I haven't heard about those compression mics - I'll need to look into those. What's a good one for my type of voice? Does Neumann make one? I got $100 so I should be able to get a real good one.

    And the fact that this guy can prescribe precise EQ settings without regard to the mic, signal chain, mic technique or voice is pretty amazing.

    This guy really knows his stuff.

    (do you smell something?)

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