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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by scott2010, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. scott2010

    scott2010 Guest

    hi all. i desperately want to get into digital recording, im going to buy either cubase or protools just to get recordings done in my room.i have used both cubase and protools in college before and i found cubase much easier to use but protools is pretty much the industry standard. i need 16 tracks or more, access to midi instruments, the ability to put in notes free hand,quantise,convert to score and covert to mp3. what would you recomend buying? cheers!
  2. D-Day

    D-Day Guest

    Digidesign 002 comes wih pro tools. That should be what your looking for. If you can't drop $3,000 then go with the M-Box. Alot cheaper, but you get pro tools. You can quantize and create notes with either pro tools or cubase I'd also recommend getting the Waves diamond bundle too. I believe the newest bundle from Waves is called Mercury. Probably more expensive though. One last thing...DONT convert to MP3. It will ruin your music. Peace
  3. Girlytech

    Girlytech Guest

    I was like you in the beginning , I wasn't sure what to get, after a lot of research I have digidesigns digi 001 running protools on a mac g4 with macki HR824 monitors rode NTK mic and I love it, I have never regreted my decision....if dollars are a problem you could pic up a digi001 system pretty cheap on EBay.

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