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  1. multoc

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    Jun 18, 2005
    Hey everyone, I'm about to be a highschool senior and I've begun searching for schools to attend for my post-highschool education. I want to take my skills at recording beyond just being a hobby. I would like to see my self as not only a producer/mixer/ maybe masterer (I have great ears), but as a helpful aid to the musician(s). But I know in this day and age I will need some kind of diploma to get me the job. So I'm wondering if anyone can let me know of any good schools. I know of Full Sail and the Recording Institute of L.A. but I'm sure there are more. Also, of course, I need to know of any scholarships that might be available for my course of education. Any information would be greatly appreciated:)
    -Ashton Parsons
    Drummer of Multoc (Visit the site for some examples of my recording)
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    Feb 10, 2001
    I went to school to become an electrician. Those wishing to be a dotor go to school to get a diploma for that profession. As far as how many guys go to school just to learn how to become a producer/ or record bands for a living? I'm not sure. IMO getting some of your own gear to learn on, will go further than probubly most of the schools out there. And as long as you have a computer you will always have access to the internet to find answers from the 1 of 50 recording forum sites out there. The way I see it RO is like school. I always learn something from RO, almost everyday.
    And the internet has way, way more information than I could ever remember.
    I'd save that money for going to recording school and use it to build my own setup for recording and get the "on the job training" with "real world" issues. Sorry, I'm sure you don't want to hear it like this.
    But if you are gonna spend ?????? amount of dollars on school and have nothing to record with when it's over. I'd sink the money in gear and NOT school.
    How many thousands would you have to spend to get the schooling? More importantly, how many tens of thousands would you most likely put into it all after it was all said and done, the cost of school, travel, room and board, books, food, next years classes and other expenses that always come up.
    Good luck, either way man.
  3. Rider

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    id say go to school for something that complements it, business perhaps? whatever aspect of production you are going into there should be a degree thats similar. even just a 2 year degree is fine at a community college, then you could do as that guy said (haha) and sink it into equipment. if all else you have a degree you can use if you change your mind or something comes up.
  4. Bridge

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    DIstance Learning

    If you are interested in distance learning you could check us out.

    I wont get into the nuts and bolts of it here, but I will say it DOES work for many of us, our graduates will ALL testify to that.

    It's not for everyone but it so is for many many people.

    Check the link in my signature.
  5. Kulow

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    Depending on where you're at. I'll be attending Mediatech Institute which you should take a look at they have facilities in Dallas, Austin and Houston. Their facilities are active recording studios such as the Austin location which is Arlyn Studios...look them up on the web. Anyway this is an excellent school they have Audio Engineering courses, PPA, Business of Music, Songwriting Courses, Live Sound Reinforcement *which is held at a local venue, La Zona Rosa* and off the top of my head I cant think of the other course/s. Anyway check them out if your in Texas or if you wouldn't mind living in this great state.
  6. Kulow

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    Oh yea...after a little while in the Audio 101 class you get 9 hours of studio time a week. Which they said you could record yours or a friends band. I dunno if it sounds like im some kind of recruiter im sorry but im realllllly excited about this place.
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    to me those recording schools are like training to be an astronaut while having no ties to NASA.... its not what you know but who you know. theres nothing youre really gonna learn at the school you cant learn in a couple of text books, a free internship at a local studio, and lots of hands on practice. having that degree isn't going to mean jack unless you have a reputation or can prove yourself anyhow. trust me, degrees are a dime a dozen these days and if you're really anygood, nobody will care about a degree.
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    hey man,

    After 2 unsuccesful years at college doing a b.s. major I didn't care about, I finally found a program I was interested in. I graduated from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), just south of Nashville in Murfreesboro, TN. They have a recording industry program that is top notch, and you can choose to major either in music-business, or in production tech. With either major, you get to dip into both sides, and it is a degree program (bachelor of science). They also added an intensive masters program that just started this last fall. I highly recommend this program, I loved it, and the school is only 30 minutes from Nashville with many opportunities to intern at major labels and studios (although moslty country labels, I made great contacts).

    check it out here, and good luck!

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    Another college to add to the list..

    Good and Bad Press about the place.. i say if you pick the right 1 and get on with it you will be very pleased with it.. the studio time is great. Where else do you get access to so many studios for personal NOT GROUP bookings?
  10. gtrsoloist9

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    I go to school at Webster and have had a great learning experince in the audio program here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

  11. Zuso

    Zuso Guest

    musicman, you just graduated.....

    ...I am just getting started....

    I really love MTSU's atmosphere and attitude towards the recording dept and's serious, and they seem to get you involved...

    Glad to see someone else...
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