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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by michael b, Jul 27, 2001.

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    Just curious about the complete silence from Soundscape for this year. For all suggestions of 'great things to come' from Joel we still don't know anything months later. I am loathed to post my frustrations on this matter on the SS bulletin board as it seems innapropriate to upset the general positive vibe that goes down there. However it seems like complete silence is all we can expect to hear. We have been considering REd/mixpander upgrades for our studio and have decided to wait till November to see what is actually happening with SS. The Sam Ash clearance sale and talk of them not stocking SS products anymore only adds to the uncertainty about SS's dealings with other companies. Do they know something we don't?
    Rather than looking forward positively to upgrading our SS gear, each day of 'complete silence' is another day to check out the alternatives (which are looking better each day SS stays silent).
    Looking back, Soundscape has served our studio and it's clients very well over the years. Looking forward, I am hesitant to make any further investment in SS gear until there is some sign of life from them. To the outside observer SS looks like a company in trouble. With all due respect, on the information we get (read: complete lack information) what else could it be?
    Can anyone shed some light on what's goimg on?

    michael b
  2. Don't know about the 'complete silence' as there are many posts on the SS forum from Soundscape answering tech messages. I also noticed on the home page that they were also exhibiting at Broadcast Asia show in Singapore and the SMPTE show in Sydney Australia.

    There was a Mixpander offer in June or July with some free plug-ins or a 10% discount.

    Have you tried emailing Soundscape direct ?

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