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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by ScentlessBox, Aug 8, 2004.

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    Thankfully I found this place as it's the first with a section designed for newbies. I'm 17 years old, and have the reached the point where I feel I need to record my ideas. The problem is I've read several books, and websites and still am totally confused as to what to buy. I need a list, of exactly what to buy, can anyone give me what to buy from each category with what I need to purchase for a home digital recording on my computer?

    My computer is the following:

    Intel Pentium 4
    80 GB
    Soundcard in Creative Blaster (defualt, need helpt o know what to buy)

    I believe my computer should be big enough to work properly for recording.

    Now as far as my budget goes it would be around $500 but I can go above that to around $600-$650. I know it's not a lot but I really am tight on money. So if anyone, can please help me out with what exactly I need to buy I would be extremely appriciative.

    Again, I'm brand new at this so anything would be a help. Thanks a lot for your time.
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    What are you recording? This will dictate a lot of your purchases.
  3. Get yourself a great but cheap mic = Rode NT2
    Next you need a Preamp = Behringer Ultragain Pro (Tube)
    And you will need a decent sound card = Echo Gina etc...

    Jump on ebay you should find it all within your budget, and you will pull a great sound.

    Listen carefully to where you put the mic, move it around, expirement till you find what you like.

    Try and keep the levals going into the converters (sound card) as close as you can to 0db, but dont clip. The hotter you can get the levels, the better the sound.

    Hope this helps
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    Just a be a bit controversial here.... go and a buy a cheap 4 track and get the idea's on tape :!: Its a good place to start, it's cheaper and you will learn a lot about getting a good sound.

    If all your recording is idea's this is probably your best bet. If you want to get into digital recording then you might need to tell us a bit more what your doing.

    What sort of music/instruments are you recording?
    How much memory does your PC have?
    Do you have any recording software?
    What sort of output are you expecting (just a scratch pad or are you planning to record a full demo?)

    We were all (some still are - i.e. me!) newbies once so let us know and we will try and help...


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