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    Greetings to all. It's been a few years since I worked on music compositions but have recently obtained a few composition jobs. This past summer I simply wrote out string/ guitar, oboe, & bass parts and either played them myself or had others play them while recording on pro tools (G3 5.1). I used to use Studio Vision in the old days and transfer midi tracks into Pro Tools.

    My question is... What should I use for midi composition now? I still have racks of sound modules but do not have the $ to up grade my pro tools system & computer. What are folks using these days and what could I get that could be used on an old B&W G3? Second question: What should I get as far as an interface so that I can use some of these old sound modules? I would appreciate any suggestions as I have just picked up a film composition job.

    Thanks to all in advance.


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