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    ok so im new to this compressor i just bought .. its a behringer mdx2600. and i heard that there is a way to set it to where if the vocals/input reaches below a certain set point the compressor will boost them? please help.. if this makes any sense
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    Greetings xxdjskulzxx,

    I'm assuming your a 'newbie' to production/recording in which case this is as good a place to start as any.

    If you have any specific queries after reading through that, come back and one of these good people will be glad to help I'm sure.

    If you're not a newbie then please accept my apologies.
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    Sep 26, 2005
    Your compressor should have a type of " gain reduction" meter or just a meter to indicate signal level that is probably indicating signal level past threshold. Whisper into your microphone. Keep whispering and start to turn the input control up so that your meter just starts to light. Now anything louder than that whisper will cause the meter to fully deflect. If the output level is still too dynamic? Increase the compression ratio from 4: 1 to something like 20: 1 and try that test again. The idea is to limit or squash dynamic range.Too much and it will sound like crap. Not enough and it will be uncomfortable to listen to. Just right will be as glorious as making love!

    Remy Ann David
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