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    I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to pro audio, but ive been given the task of looking after the techincal aspects of a small community radio station.

    I understand the basics, but im after some advice on what would be an ideal overall setting for a compressor/limiter which sits behind the transmitter.

    Basically the station plays a pretty broad range of music from easier stuff during the day like jazz, rock, etc. right through to R&B, dance, hard dance and drum & bass, etc. at nights.

    As said I know the basics about setting up compressor/limiters but im looking for what would be the best setting as to not drive the input of the transmitter too hard. The compressor we have is just a basic unit, so its not possible to change the unit for night/day, etc.

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    Nov 13, 2001
    big subject here
    too much for a simple reply on a forum

    there are legal aspects to over-driving a transmitter
    and there is the audio quality issues of being a radio programmer

    a community radio station will have a pretty broad range of music and talk
    small budgets

    there is a manual for the TC electronics DBmax

    not to recomend one ...
    not to NOT recommend it either

    but from memory the manual had some easy to understand concepts and presets for various broadcast jobs
    other TC gear does too

    Also Junger have some stuff on the net that deal with this
    see - level magic

    the cheapest concepte I could give is
    hard limiter at the transmitter for legals
    an RNC in super nice mode
    perhaps two RNC's
    one at the transmitter and one at the output of the studio/presentation

    Aphex was an industry standard in the past, at the budget end
    there may be info at there site
    dominators and compellers

    if you are using software
    the simple stuff like Waves L1 and L2
    and Maxim
    any broad band limiter/compressor could keep you safe and legal

    there probably isn't a one size fits all
    the Junger is one of the best I have seen and heard

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