compressor or sonic mazimizer?

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  1. I'm trying to figure out what to buy next, and I'm trying decided to buy a BBE 482i Sonic Maximizer, or a decent compressor/limiter for around the same price. I'm looking for something that is versitile for recording and can be used for live sound. I was wondering which you think i should get first to help improve out sound a little.

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    You didin't give us quite enough to go on. You do sound for bands?

    The BBE and a compressor are totally different units intended for totally different purposes (both of which can be used for a live mix). They are NOT mutually exclusive.

    So, it's a matter of what you need first and I would say a compressor for live sound is necessary more than a BBE. Same for recording, btw.
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    Depends if you're using it in your PA rack or if you're a musician playing in a band. I use the BBE Sonic Maximizer with bass or guitar tracks as a sort of sonic exciter, placed before the guitar or bass output to the amplifier just to give it some extra color, it works veeeery well, although, a good compressor/limiter makes magic in signal processing as well, I'd recommend the compressor if it's going to be used in studio purposes and if you don't already own one, for everything else I'd recomend the BBE process
  4. I'm thinking aoout buying the samason S Com Compressor or S Com 4. does anyone have any good things to say about either, or any reason why i should look away from them.?
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    As this is a recording forum I will assume the use is recording. I would say get the compressor hands down.

    If you need a "sonic maximizer" on anything you have recorded something poorly and need to track down the root cause and correct it.
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    Never tried either, but from previous experience with other Sampson gear I will never buy another Sampson product :roll:

    For low cost comps the Alsesis is a good choice, I got one, does not have XLR and uses a walwart. I got a Presonus ACP 22 (2 channel) & a DBX 1046 (4 channels) both work great and have XLR.

    Can't remember but the Alesis and Samson may not have TRS either so you may not have a ground (if not running through insert) which could cause problems.

    Typically when you go from 2 ch to 4 ch comps you start loosing features like gate. But it depends on use.

    Personally, when time comes I will buy more DBX comps because of lower/mid price range there are arguably industry standard.

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    Samson=Son fo Sam...their stuff will KILL you! ;)
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    t c electronics has a nice new compressor out for under $200. You can read about it here I would not waste my money on the BBE. It is not something that you would use every session like you would a good compressor. If you really want the BBE I see them for sale all the time at Guitar Centers for very cheap prices.

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    Say what now? You sir, are confusing signal balancing with grounding.
    BTW, the samsons have balanced XLR inputs, but an Alesis 3630 has unbalanced 1/4" phono as far as I can tell.
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    Save some money,and buy a Class A Compressor,take a loan out if you have to,dont settle for piece of $*^t that promises it does everthing in the world for a 500 buck price tag :oops:
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    This question is like "I'm hungry...should I get a burger or watch tv?"

    Do you need a compressor or do you need a sonic maximizer?
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    After further reviewing youre question :shock: ,The sonic max works wonders on live systems,adds richness to the highs,and fullness to the bottom,doesnt do much for mids.
    Ive used mine in the studio very little if at all,In my opinion,its better suited for live than studio.
    In the studio,you can accomplish the same thing,with a good quality ed.

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