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Discussion in 'Compressors / Limiters (analog)' started by noise, Jul 11, 2001.

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  1. noise

    noise Guest

    I would use a multichannel compressor, preferably 6, 8, or 10 channels. This is a hobby, so price is a factor-- less than a grand please! :)

    Size is also a factor, as is knobbage. I need a good balance between smallish size and immediate control. One knob per basic function per channel is optimal.

    The sound quality is important, but so is the ability to get a nice, hard crunch. Note that since I'm no pro, I won't be able to appreciate the difference between mid-range and high-end stuff, much less properly apply it.

    I'm aware of the Presonous ACP88, but I've not heard one. Anyone have an opinion on that piece?

    Is there anything else out there?

    Thanks for any and all advice!!
  2. noise

    noise Guest

    Ah, I forgot, if this is already well covered someplace, either here or elsewhere on the web, please point it out to me. I haven't found anything like that to date. Thanks again!
  3. Rader Ranch

    Rader Ranch Member

    Feb 14, 2001 should consider 2 of these...

    and search most any audio forum (but this one, as the search engine is still down) for opinions on the RNC. you'll be impressed at how postitive they all are!
  4. MMazurek

    MMazurek Member

    Oct 25, 2000
    I'd be happy to sell you my ACP88. Works fine & sounds fine.

    I use it as a backup when needed for extra channels of compression for tracking.

    BUT, to be completely honest... I'll be taking the cash and buying a few more RNC's with it. (from the above link) There's a special right now with two of 'em racked side by side a la mercenary. :p
  5. noise

    noise Guest

    MMazurek: how much you sellin' for? :) In all likelihood, I'm not buying right now, though. Money's a touch on the tight side, so I'm "wishfully thinking" about the future.

    I've noticed that digital mixers are offering "dynamics processing" on each channel. I've been thinking about getting a digital mixer in the future as well (to replace the PARIS system right now)... are the compressors on these beasties even worth thinking about? Obviously, they're not going to be top-notch, or even RNCs... but would it be reasonable to expect something more than a Nanocompressor?

    Thanks again for any advice!
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