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    Hi there,

    I'm thinking about getting an outboard compressor (cheap - of course) for my setup to do some half-mastering! :) anyone got any suggestions - ive been told that the joe meek stuff is good, but the tl audio stuff doesn't live up to its price tag.

    Also, this will mean running stuff out of the digital domain and back again, i use a digi001 box - are the AD/DA converters up to scratch on this, or if not, any ideas?

    Thanks for any help on this.

  2. I don't know about the joe meek stuff , but my tl audio 5052 wasn't cheap, for me anyways :? and sounds like every penny I spent. :cool: I use a 001 for tracking as well. Mind you I use the pre's from the 5052 and the tracks are huge, 24 bit at 48khz isn't the biggest and fastest but with a bit of lube I can squeeze the tracks in and still have a bit of room to wiggle :shock:

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