Computer Disc Problem. Discs come up reading blank

Discussion in 'Computing' started by michaellanfield, Jan 20, 2012.

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    I have a problem. When I burn mp3 music to discs all of them play fine on various CD players, DVD players etc., but some do not play on my laptop. When I put the discs in they come up as blank. I have searched everywhere on the net can't find the solution. This only happens to some of my discs and only CD-Rs. Why is this? Thank you.
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    Some of the reason for this might be in how fast the CD was cut? Most CD cutting programs default to MAXIMUM speed. This definitely makes for some compatibility problems. So try cutting a disc at no faster than 24 X. Then see if that makes any difference? Also be sure that the disc is finalized. You might also want to select " disc at once ". Because some programs only cut discs as " track at once ". The difference between these two cutting selections is that " disc at once " is a continuous & contiguous cutting scheme. Whereas " track at once " leaves gaps of no data at the beginning, the end & between tracks. So this sometimes confuses poor old stupid computers. Whereas a CD player has even less brains and will generally just play through since it has nothing else to think about.

    You may also not be aware of the fact that when cutting MP3's to CDs for playback purposes, that MP3 is automatically converted to a ".wav" file format since that's only what an audio CD according to the Red Book standard accepts. If on the other hand you are cutting this for strictly a humongous 10+ hours of music on a single CD, you are not creating an audio CD but a data CD ROM. This too can be cut as " disc at once ", for highest compatibility amongst all players & computers. Disc at once simply means, you will not be able to add anything to the disc once it has been cut. It's a continuous and uninterruptible process from beginning to end. Track at once, until its finalized, allows one to record extra tracks, after the first initial cut. And that's where problems arise. Disc at once CD cutting is the only way to create a replication ready master CD. A replication plant that is going to stamp out CDs cannot accept any CD cut as Track At Once without having to remaster it into a Disc At Once, Master.

    I never cut CDs faster than 24X, Disc At Once.
    Mx. Remy Ann David

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