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Discussion in 'Computing' started by evolvedamnit, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. evolvedamnit

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    i am looking at getting a new computer just for recording and audio. i am a newbie and have really no idea what i am looking for. is a mac or pc better? i have really been looking at ibooks. what is a program thats easy enough to get started with. any help is appriciated. until then i'll just keep reading other posts. thanks.
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    IF you get the iBook it will come loaded with Garge Band. More than enough to get you started.

    check details here.

  3. vaibhs

    vaibhs Guest

    apple man
    if the budge is really not a problem with u
    cos for apple u will need to buy original softwarez wher as PC u get cracked ones
    but if thts no issues thn apple of course

    think of it few more times

    none of the ibooks will tell u about cracked softwares

    and i guess although thts not a major costing thing it stiillll counts a lot for a newbie like u and me
  4. Grooveteer

    Grooveteer Guest

    :roll: Bad advise man! There's plenty of affordable programs out there that will get you started. There's plenty of free plugs that will do do the job. ("free" and "cracked" do not mean the same thing)

    I'd say go PC. Not because it's better than a Mac, but because it's cheaper and it will do just fine. I work on a PC and it has never limited me in any way. (Hey, the only limiting factor so far has always been ME)

    -- stealing is bad-- :!:
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