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Discussion in 'Computing' started by girlfriendx, Jul 10, 2006.

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    Hi all!

    I've just crossed over to computer recording. I purchased a cheap software program (sony acid studio) and am actually happy with it. I write my own melodies and create my own samples so I'm more reliant on it for just recording. I bounce back and forth between my laptop (Compaq) and my home computer (dell) and now want to get into midi/recording analog directly (I'm using a poor man's method right now). I saw that there are external soundcards that can be connected with USB ports. Can anyone give any recommendations to help enhance my experience or recommend any good external soundcards? Sorry if I seem really clueless. I don't know where to start to educate myself. Can anyone recommend a step by step website for computer recording newbies like myself. Thanks so much. :)
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    Hi, and welcome to the end of your free time and disposable income! Hehehe....

    Nah, seriously, you're in for a great ride if you want to get serious with this stuff. There's never been a better time for gear and software. You should probably start out in the four forums relating to DAWs and Computers, and home recording, a little further down on the main forums page.

    There's a wealth of info there that will certainly help you get more than your feet wet and start deciding what to add to your system next.

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