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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by mor, Mar 3, 2008.

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    I currently am using my computer to record with, so far it has everything I need but I am going to upgrade the ram soon. I am running 2 gigs and I am going to jump to 4. I have a wide range of equipment from synths to turntables, live intruments, mics, digital multitracks and a multitude of processors and rack gear that through an assortment of mixers. I tie all this into one master mixer which feeds into the sound card on the computer.

    The master is only a 6 channel with 2 mic channels but it serves just fine as I am tieing into that through 5 other mixers which connect to my actual devices. The 6 channel goes into the line in on the computers PCI Soundblaster Audigy card, it seems to be a pretty decent card and my recordings thusfar have been suitable. What I am wondering is should I invest in a PC Interface like an M-Audio or one of these high-end PCI cards with all the different inputs on it? I don't really need the inputs at all seeing as I can get those from any of the mutiple mixers I have.

    But will I notice a greater sound quality using a better PC interface. It seems like I have everything I need and I do not really care about Pro-Tools so I am not hurting for an M-Audio box.

    Just trying to understand the advantages of buying one these "PC interface" versus carrying on like I have been.
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    An ADC is a step in the right direction.

    Do a search for more on the subject, there are hundreds of threads here on exactly that topic.
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    If you use XP, 2 gigs of ram are enough for most recording software. And XP dont step the 3 gig barrier.
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    If it works and sounds good to you, then there is no reason to change anything.

    Unless you have a problem that you can precisely define and that can be actually solved by a piece of gear (and not by improving your knowledge, skills and/or work process), then save your money and time.

    Don't go looking for a problem if you don't have one.

    cheers, -Buzzgrowl

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