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Discussion in 'Computing' started by BigMike, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. BigMike

    BigMike Guest

    Hi I have a question.
    I'm using Logic, and Pro Tools on my Mac
    Both are Good

    What Programs are good to use in Windows Xp ?

    Logic Has unlimted # of recordable tracks, and does not require any interface to work.

    Pro Tools needs a interface 002, m-box, 001 ect.

    I travel and need to edit, compose music and sometimes make a rough mix on the go. Without an interface.

    Sonar 4, Live, Cubase Does anyone know and what are you using?

    Good looking Out
    Big Mike
  2. axel

    axel Guest

    BigMike wrote:

    ok first of all i have to admit that i totally dislike PCs (windows being the main reason for it, and there are still not enough "pro" audio apps outhere for other PC OS) why do you want to use XP?? anyway... swopping from osx to that pain in the ass.

    but nevertheless, let's go to software... for me Ableton Live is the only choice if you are forced to use a PC...

    reasons: it's perfect for instant use / development of ideas, very good midi, recording capability, the by far most stable apps of all!!!!!!!!!, fairly cheap for what it delievers. and it's really easy on your CPU, so perfect for running dozens of softsynths on even slow mashines... most if not all "laptop artists" running ableton, it's great for writing, composing, playing LIVE, recording, etc. (remember it is developed as a live tool / instrument in the first place, which it truly is!!)
    and best of all, if you really like it, there is a a mac version too :D :D
    which is obviously the native version!

    just my 2cents
  3. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    welcome to Big Mike

    Protools does seem to work well on XP
    My experience is limited to 001 and I only have used original XP Pro (no updates) so that's PT6.4, I think ?

    The M-box and 002 may want updates to suit USB or 1394 issues.

    so if you want to stay compatable with the mac I think PT or XP is worth a look.
    No Logic over on XP though.

    However based my success with the XP/001 on all my mobile systems I am now seriously considering converting my HD system to XP.
    Currently I am on a G4/400 and need to move forward.
    ... but I don't like the current status of the G5, PCi-E and the future Intels.

    so I'm going to try all XP-PT for a while
  4. B Callaway

    B Callaway Active Member

    Dec 30, 2001
    SAWStudio is the best audio software for XP. It is well written and extremely stable as well as having a great sound. XP tweaks are available from SAW that make it streamlined and turn off a lot of annoying items. Many users of other programs including Pro Tools are trying it out and using it. The support is first class and it has regular upgrades. Check out the user forum at HERE for more details or the SAW website that has videos explaining how to use it. It is structured like an a console so is different to normal audio software.

  5. IIRs

    IIRs Well-Known Member

    Oct 23, 2005
    Tracktion is excellent, and cross-platform.

    <edit> forgot to mention: a single very reasonably priced license allows you to install it on two machines, so you can run it on your mac and on your PC.

  6. Mostly it's a preference for the interface (some swear x program gives better audio quality than y program but it's subjective). Try some demos to see which you like

    I use Nuendo and recommend it (or Cubase SX which offers 95% of Nuendo's audio features and 85% of it's video features). It offers the features and sound quality that I need. I grew up on Cubase SE which is a great introduction to digital recording. Some people however just can't get into Steinberg's products and I agree that other interfaces are friendlier (ie Logic for Mac). Sonar Producer, Traktion, Sawstudio, etc are all excellent.

    Reason is great for what it is - a collection of samples, effects racks and softsynths with some MIDI functionality and decent (some argue not as good quality as a DAW but I think the sound quality is excellent) audio quality but it does not record audio (ie vocals, guitars etc), so you need to use it in conjunction with a wave editor or DAW such as Cubase. You can 'rewire' the sounds into Cubase etc to make a powerful combination.

    Some basic software such as Audacity offers great entry level recording/wave editing for NOTHING. Ableton, Fruity Loops Studio, etc it goes on and on...
  7. daceymathers

    daceymathers Guest

    Actually pro tools is a practical standard for audio engineers.I think it is a practical choice of pro engineers and with Logic Studio, you’ve got the perfect music creation and writing tools, no matter how you like to workLogic Studio gives you everything you need for a professional recording session
  8. Ripeart

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    May 13, 2011
    Miami, FL
    Home Page:
    Having worked with most of the aforementioned products, Digital Performer 7 is my recommendation.

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