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Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by DonLOM, Jun 22, 2005.

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    OK, OK,

    I thought a bout am ADAT but it was Kinda to expensive of a job for a guy like me.

    I am using Cubase SX and I want each track in my project to have a channel on my analog mixer sort of like in the Studios you all understand?

    is there a sound card or sumthing I could use? HELP

    MAXIMILIAN Active Member

    I don't know of any way to do this which would make any financial sense. (4 motu 828 mkII units would give you 32 analog balanced outs, but is certainly not economical) The thing is, unless your mixer is something of incredible quality (which you probably don't have if budget is an issue) you will most likely get much better results by doing your mixing/processing in Cubase. In general, you get much better control options for eq & other parameters on a DAW than on any "home" mixer. I suggest buying the most hi/fi device you can afford to get audio into your computer. Decide how many seperate tracks you really "need" to be able to record at once and see what the options are. (if you want/need to use outboard effects, you will need a few "outs" as well). The search function on this forum is great for finding info on just about any product you have in mind. I understand why you would want the natural feel of a real mixer, but great analog gear is expensive, (prohibitively espensive for many of us) and, as great as it is, it has it's limitations- and the world will probably not return to analog so your potential for growth is better with software right now. (I know, run-on sentence) - I suggest looking into midi controlers for the software ex: mackie controler etc.
    Good luck.
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    Every one tells me that but

    Like you said that analog feeling is amazing. Thanks for your insight

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    Check out these threads. Some people are doing exactly what you want to do. Using the computer simply as a digital multitrack recording/playback device, and doing all their mixing in analog (well, maybe not 32 tracks). Some swear by it. You might want to ask them what they use. It's really got me thinking how much I liked mixing with hardware... I'd like to use my old tape echo machine again.... on EVERYTHING!

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