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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by musicman1705, Jul 17, 2005.

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    I am still very new to music production and this forum.What i want to know is that when you want a guitar track to sit in the left side or right side of the mix,do you set the panning before you record the track or can you pan it after you record it.The reason i am asking is i have try to record a audio guitar track and then try to pan it after i recorded it. And there was very very little change in were the guitar sat in the mix.I then try setting the panning before i recorded the track and i could really notice the difference in were it sat in the mix.How is the best way to use it, and right way?
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    well it all depends. if you are using pro tools, or most audio recording software you defidentaly choose before or after recording where u want ur track to be panned. what are you using
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    I am using cubasis vst 4.0 ,e-mu1212m sound card.I say before make more sense to me also as i got the sound i was going for.I could not get the track to move anywere once i recorded it in the center of the mix.I thought i might be having a DAW problem when i try to pan the track and nothing seem to be happening.
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    You haven't said if you recorded a mono or stereo track. I don't know Cubasis, but in ProTools or Digital Performer, Pan has nothing to do with recording. It's just a playback adjustment.

    If you recorded the track in stereo and can't get it to pan where you want it, you may be much happier with a mono track.

    If it IS a mono track we're talking about, your monitors or environment may not be giving you an accurate stereo image. Try headphones and see if that makes a difference.
  5. musicman1705

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    I was recording in mono at the time.And i thank you for your advice.I think i might have found my problem. The panning in my recording program was not working at all.This is why i ask this qeustion.I was not getting any results when i tryed the panning in the recording program,it would just sit there not moving.I thought i might be doing something wrong.I thought that i was not using my panning right.I would look at the level indacaters and they would go from left to right and seem to indacate the panning was working,but it wasn,t.I did a reinstall of the recording program and soundcard and all is well.I can now get the instruments to sit anywere i want in the mix. Now if i could just stop all the small bugs that would be great. :cool:
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    In case you didn't know... in the mixer view on the master bus there is a big "Mono" button, which will collapse the final stereo signal down to one channel (ie mono). Make sure that this is not enabled, or else any panning of instruments will be irrelevent.

    Also, some plugins don't work in stereo and will convert to mono, so be careful!
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