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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by guitar_freak39, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. First off I would like to say hello and allowing me to be a part of this valuable site.
    Second I use to be the kind of guy that said "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" untill this past week....

    I borrowed a buddy's Nady SCM 950. I have been doing home recording for over 20 years just for me doing my own thing. I have always used a Sure SM58 (that is about 15 years old it'self) and Alesis gear (one piece is a Midiverb II that is about 14 years old which I think is still the best effects processor alesis put out..imo)...that's it...never strayed from the two...And always thought it did a good job till I used his condenser mic. So I bought one (Nady 950) a very inexpensive mic but regardless has a very nice sound compared to what I was used to hearing.....

    I could not believe the sound of my vocal using that mic...I could actually hear every grain of my voice, breath etc.....I just could not believe it how real it sounded.

    I then bought a Marshall MXL 990 at a real good price it also has a very nice sound...different from the Nady but again a nice mic.

    I am wanting to purchase another inexpensive mic to use for vocals untill I upgrade my whole studio and was wondering if any of you have any advise on any of the mics listed below.

    I appriciate any advise you can give.

    NADY - SCM 900, SCM 950, SCM 800
    MXL (MARSHALL) 990
    ML 770
    MXL V57m
    MXL V67G
    Samson C-01
    Samson C-03
    SuperLux CH-H8A
    Octava mics

    Again thanks for allowing be to be apart of this site and have the chance to learn from you....

  2. You wouldent happen to have any Vocal Samples from you using the Nady SCM 950 mic would you? i would like to take a listen to the vocals, if you could upload a clip or something.

    i have not tryed any of the mics listed.

    but check out my quality using a RODE NT1A ($200) and Ultra Gain pro amp ($89.99)

    Vocals are panned out.

    Click the link 2 check them out:

    this is a track we did, not well mixed.. vocals could be lower, and have some verb on the verses. but take a look.

    LOLL.. inno if that helped 1 bit.. but gives u a idea of what the NT1A and Ultra Gain pro Combo sounds like on my type vocals.

  3. i take that back i did have a MK319, i do like the rode Better. The vocals on the mk319 sounded to bland 2 me. this was when i 1st started mixing / recording so maby my mixes wurr just bad.
  4. yes I have a couple of soundbytes using both the Nady 950 and the Marshall MXl 990 I'll see if I can upload them...

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