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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by rlharv2, Jan 4, 2009.

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    I could use some help w/ configuring my equipment. I have a Core 2 Dual Gateway with Windows XP, a Yamaha S90es keyboard, and a FireStudio, Faderport, SM58, and also an mLan interface that is not yet installed in the keyboard. The S90es does not use ADAT, as the FireStudio does. My main purpose is to learn the keyboard better, and at the same time to become familiar with the uses of the FireStudio/ software/ S90 potential. Should I just install the mLan and run thru that or??????. Advice would be greatly used and appreciated.
    Thank You
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    Tesy for reply
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    Jun 26, 2007
    Manuals, you must have at least, 6? Are they written in your language? I only ask because I do not know what tesy means, but I have flunked a few tests in my days.

    So I would read the manuals, test the information you gain and see if it gets you going towards your goals. Goals right? Who needs the pressure in this economy.
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    I would first install the (newest) drivers for the Firestudio on the Gateway computer. Then plug the firestudio in to make sure it is recognized. Load CubaseLE or whatever Audio software you are recoring with. Next plug in the SM58 into the firestudio and make sure you can record voice. Then plug analog ouputs of S90 into firestudio and record. Plug in Midi cables to try sequence S90 or trigger internal VST instruments. If you get this all working...

    The MLan is something I dont have experience with but if I understand correct It alows you to connect the S90 via firewire to communicate MIDI and audio signals though firewire to PC. Firewire can be daisy chained but I am not sure how it will play with your system.

    I left alot of steps upit like verifying the windows setting for audio devices. configuring the audio program for the harware settings.

    I would also visit this site to get the full 411

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