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    Why is it when I look at pictures of radio hosts such as Alex Jones, or Don Imus, to name a few. They either don't have a circular windguard, or a foam cover. They are just speaking directly into the mic. I thought if you do this you get the bad S's and P's.

    And if they are using a windguard in studio they are using the foam cover, I thought those are for outside work.

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    I think there are a couple of issues at play here

    One, is that the lowend "plosives" could be more tolerated in broadcast speech, where they would sound awful in a vocal track that needs to sit well with music.

    I haven't seen the pictures, but I'm guessing that they are using RE20 or some equivalent. I don't own an RE20 but I'm pretty sure they handle "P's better than your average LDC. (the same could be said for any dynamic mic as opposed to condensers I guess)
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    Sep 26, 2005
    Not everybody needs to use pop filters. When you are a MegaMouth like these high pay guys are and you've been doing it for 40 years, you learn certain techniques. Plus they have a boatload of highly specialized processing on those microphones. Specific and different processing for the host. And yeah, the Electro-Voice RE 20/27 is very popular since it is almost impervious to PLOSIVES. But hey, when not on camera, I stick a big foam chunk on the end of that one also. In many ways, I prefer foam for announcers and lollipops for singers. Besides, I don't wear pantyhose much and it's too expensive to keep buying that stuff for microphones.

    I'm not wearing any underwear either
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