Connecting Sequencer with HDR 24/96

Discussion in 'Synths / Samplers & VSTi' started by hnoormohamed, May 7, 2001.

  1. hnoormohamed

    hnoormohamed Guest

    I had posted an earlier email regarding connectivity from my Roland XP-60 Sequencer to HDR 24/96. I finally got it connected and was successful in laying down my tracks.

    The only problem that I had discovered, that once I did my initial tracks such as Drums, Bass and Piano it recorded fine because it was the initial tracks.

    The next pass I took to record my Rhythm Guitar, somehow the tracks get out of sync. I hear a few miliseconds delay on my newer tracks.

    Has anyone had experienced such a thing ?.

    Please share your expereiences with me.


  2. Hanif, was the rhythm guit part played live or was it also coming from the sequencer?

    Can you post how you got it working to the degree you did? Others may benefit from your experience.
  3. hnoormohamed

    hnoormohamed Guest

    All my tracks are coming through the Roland XP-60 swequencer, therefore, this is furstrating that the subsequent tracks are out of sync.

    I hope someone can help .!!!


  4. OK, how are the midi setups on the seq and the HDR. I'd probably (if the seq will chase MTC) set it to chase (i.e. slave) and the HDR to send i.e Master).

    I think you're got the 2 freewheeling, rather than sync'd to each other.
  5. hnoormohamed

    hnoormohamed Guest

    All my instruments are coming through the sequencer. Therefore, when I run my first pass that has Drums and Bass Guitar it runs fine, then my second pass is for acoustic guitar and the HDR starts along with the Sequence, however, it's a few milliseconds behind. This throws it out of sync.

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