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    hi everyone. I have an apple imac, digi002 surface controller, with protools 6.4. I am considering the dkfhs but ive heard it takes about an amazing amount of space therefore i know i need an external hard drive to ad to my 80gb imac. because i dont want latency problems. i just wanted to know if anyone could help me with what exactly ill need to do. such as what is a good yet affordable external hard drive i can use with an apple imac g5 and how xtra hard drives are used and if when you record, does it only record to one drive or is everything combined between both hard drives in just the one screen. Because i dont want to have my drums saved to on hardrive and the guitars to the other hardrive and not be able to have them play together. I have no idea how this setup would work adding a ext. hard drive. As well as anything i should know about the dkfhs program with the initial setup or anything relative with actual use. Thanks and sorry so jumbled. any help would be greatly appreciated. -Ron
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    You may want to consider FX Expansion's BFD instrument as well. I have heard it and good things about it. There is also Drumcore. DKFH appears to have the easiest learning curve and a good price. I have never listened to it though.

    I use 3 250GB external Lacie hard drives and have never had a problem with them. Glyph is also another fine manufacturer. Just make sure the drive is 7200RPM or better and at least an 8MB buffer.

    I use one for my loop/sfx/music library(firewire), one for recording tracks(firewire), and one for backups (USB). My main internal drive on either my laptop (100GB) or desktop (200GB) is for audio programs/plug-ins/instruments only and are mostly empty.

    Never record to the same drive that your recording software/DAW is on.

    When I save a loop project, I have the option of saving a copy of the WAV loops used, inside the project file. Unless I'm coordinating with an outside studio or the client needs everything, I rarely re-save the loops since any bouncing I do later will involve the original external drive anyways.

    If you are recording your plug-in drums to a PT audio track, the takes should be getting saved with the rest of the audio in the session audio folder created when you began the project. If you are recording MIDI, there must be some way to save the midi audio samples into the PT session folder. If not, set up a subfolder in the project folder and point the plug-in to that folder. I don't use MIDI in Pro Tools so... Not sure how those drum instruments work with moving samples around.

    As long as you have correct paths and everything knows where to look, usually you don't have a problem with using a bunch of data from different drives. You just need to make sure all the drives are present and in good shape. Of course, you will have to search or keep track of where all your data is scattered in case you need to find something specific later.

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
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    DKFHS is a great VSTi I have all of the BFDs as well (due to my work not just wasting money) but I much prefer the sound of DKFHS and how it lets me mix.
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    I really want to buy it but they dont sell it here.!!!!! ARG!!!!!!!!! can it be downloaded hahah dont think so but how can i get it.

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