Consistency when working with two seperate softwares.

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Nix, Oct 24, 2007.

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    Hello everyone, pretty new here. I'm building a song in reason 3.0 it's becoming pretty cpu intensive. I've got alot of combinators running these patterns etc and I I'd like to re-create my' music in pro-tools. I've tried rewiring but it's difficult trying to get the mix to gel as it did solely in reason. Whatsmore it seems I cannot actually record anything this way. I've tried and all of the waves I end up with are simply recorded data. Should I wait until I finish doing the arrangement within reason and render all of the tracks discreetly? I'd really like to keep the mix open and include thirdparty processors and instruments. What I'm asking may seem quite vague and usually I'm pretty adept at describing my situation but this one proves difficult. Essentially I'm wanting to find a harmonious way to work on a song using pro-tools, it's facilities and RTAS plugins... I want to do this while minimizing cpu usage and by keeping my' mixes open since I tend to write as I mix. They seem to go hand in hand for some reason. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

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