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Discussion in 'Electronic Repair Modifications DIY' started by quadwould, May 19, 2003.

  1. quadwould

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    i am working on building (the the best possible degree) a complete set of console manuals ans schematics. these will be in PDF format. (as hardcopies would need a small library!). the current focus is on modern (still in production, or just out of production).

    once i have filled that space up, i will be moving further back in time. (having a full compliment of vintage console manuals and schematic would kick butt!)

    i will be working in conjunction with Dave Chen from which is a pretty cool site in itself. eventually he will find some way of hosting all of the files so that we may redily download them.

    This will be a great resource for newbies and veterans alike of the recording industry as well as for others too.
    How many times have you had a call for a gig in a studio with a console that you were not all that familiar with? did you turn the gig down fearing you would mess the gig up? or did you take the gig and stumble through it, wishing you knew more about the console?
    how about pure love of knowledge? personally, i devour manuals to anything i can get one of.

    i am asking of all out there. if you have any manuals/schematics for consoles (and outboard gear too... my next manual project) in PDF, please let me know which they are. if still needed, i will let you know.
    i can be reached at
    please dont just send the manuals. this is my personal email, and i dont have the storage space. if a manual is needed i will supply you with the email for that.

    So...! what do you all think of this..?? good plan??

    also posted in tech talk
  2. Divo

    Divo Member

    Apr 2, 2003
    Sounds like a very usefull resource. Keep up the good work David.... :w:
  3. this would be awesome! i could do with that but...

    wouldnt there be some kind of copyright breach with that? i know $*^t all about copyright but for some reason its the first thing that came to mind...
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