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    hello again! While still waiting to see if anyone can help me with the MIDI cable noise thing, I´ve got another crucial question:
    I´m using Sonic Foundry´s Vegas 4.0 to record tracks in the computer and Sound Forge to edit them. The thing is, I never have to use a console to mix them altogether into a single .WAV file, since I just copy and paste the tracks one over the other and try to adjust their volume from the beginning of the song to the end. But it really looks like quite an amateur kind of mixing, since I can´t work with the volumes within the song and adjust them as they come in or out. Before using these programs, I dabbled a little in Cakewalk, and it did include consoles, but the actual question is: does that console help me to mix and edit all tracks into a single .Wav file? od does it just regulate the volumes and effects of tracks while only recording?

    Thanks very much
  2. just record raw sound as you are, then drop all the tracks in the multitrack software. from there you will be able to do all the eq, and effects you could ever want, then also work on the panning and volumes like you said earlier. once you click 'save as mixdown' you will get a file with all the settings present. i guess you could apply effects as you record, but i would beware, you wouldn't be able to reverse whatever you did after-the-fact. i just like to sit down the next day and do all my sound-engineering, rather than try to get it down at the same time as recording... hope this helps!
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    Thanks John, it will definitely help, but I was just wondering which program to use; they say here SONAR is good. Would it allow me to do what you said? (save tracks altogether to a mixdown/single WAV file?). when using sound forge, I always got the tracks and then applied effects to them, but as you said, AFTER the actual recording. Regarding soundboards, I´ve been told that getting a semi-professional one would increase the sound quality of takes. I´ve got an onboard one, but I get the feeling that a good would surely solve some problems of sound fidelity and performance.

    Thanks a lot

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