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    Mar 20, 2000
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    ----------- DIGIDESIGN -----------

    -- Control|24 --

    Digidesign announced that a brand new ergonomic control surface, built
    especially for Mac OS-based Pro Tools TDM systems, will be available

    The brand new Control|24 originated from Focusrite, and is designed for
    music, post-production, or any other application requiring hands-on
    control of Pro Tools.

    With its 24 touch-sensitive motorized faders, 16 Focusrite Class A Mic
    Preamps and 5.1 surround capabilities, it will naturally be compared to
    the more expensive Pro Control.

    There are many significant differences however.
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    Sep 5, 2000
  3. supersonic C

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    "Significant" is correct. 16 mic pres, an internal bus mixer and 24 faders to talk to PT. $8k official list price in USD. You still need 888s to go a/d, and all the connectors on the back are db-25s. Definitely not competing w/ ProControl. The new expansion/controller w/keyboard, panners, and more dedicated buttons looks like the way to go...

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