Controlling various pieces of hardware via DAW.

Discussion in 'Computing' started by dabmeister music, Mar 23, 2004.

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    Question....Does anyone use anything such as an Adat, HD multitrack or a analog multitrack in conjuction with their favorate S/W. The reason I ask is because, I have an Adat XT20 w/ less than 120 original head hrs. I've tried inquiring through Steinbergs' user's forum and even got something that look promising, but could'nt get a straight answer as to how to control it's (Adat) transport from my DAW s/w. Any suggestions? Oh I 'm using Cubase SX 1.06.
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    Hi, You'll need an interface to control the XT from your daw. The host program shouldn't matter much. I use SX and a MOTU MTPAV. Its a 8-port midi interface and hooks up to the Daw USB or parralel. It connects to the XT via a 9-pin serial cable much like what the Alesis BRC does. You can read track info and all that with it. It cost about $400 though. I have not yet seen a cheaper way to control ADATs yet. But if all you want to do is sycnh your ADAT, just stripe a track with SMPTE. (I know, that would suck.) OR you can look for a synch box liek JLCooper's with sychs ADATs without wasting a track. Neither of those ways would let you CONTROL the Adat though.

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    Ok, I just noticed that you already have a MTP A/V. Get to synching! Whatcha waitin on :)
    I had a hard time finding the correct cable for the XT. It's only a 9-pin cable, but i had to special order one for about $50. Rip-off.
    Once connected the MTP auto-sensed the Adat, Using the PC MOTU Console, I just told it to activae the transport. (Not in front of DAw right now.)
    Good luck.

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