convert MOTU 896 to protools: experiences anyone?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by jun, Jan 6, 2005.

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    i'm quite impressed by the motu 896 specs but... the fact that it doens't work with protools makes me doubt.

    now.. what I would like to know... how does the conversion to protools work? motu site says it works, even with all fades and crosses and whatsover.

    anyone with experience with that?

    if it works... i think i'll go motu

    jan brouwer
  2. I think you are misunderstanding some things.

    1) Pro tools only runs with digidesign hardware (except PT Free) such as the LE system with the MBOX, 002 and TDM with the core cards.

    The only way to bring something into pro tools from another program is to record files with another DAW that are recognizable by pro tools and then bring them to a pro tools system and load each one individually and get spend hours to place them in the right spot.

    If you are looking at the LE system i would stay away and go with something else. I have the 002 and cant wait to get rid of it.

    Yes, i know that you are thinking "pro tools is industry standard" but Pro Tools LE is definitly not and if you advertise as having a pro tools studio and someone comes in and sees an mbox or 002 they are gonna laugh at you and probably walk out.

    If you are gonna stay in the LE price range i would explore your options. I don't run pro tools anymore even though i still have my digi 002, I use another DAW instead and i'm not limited to 32 tracks and a bunch of other nonsence that is in LE.

    All in all, I have learned an incredible amount from the time of getting into recording. From starting with using just the original version of ACID with a $10 mic going into my line in on my sound card 7 years ago. To getting the 001 and then the 002. Now knowing what i do. i would say to just initially get something that is gonna take you a while to grow out of. You can get MOTU and a copy of Cubase SX3 for about the same price as a 002 and get a much better value in my personal opinion. Plus it's one of the MOTU interfaces actually use the same AD/DA as the digi 192 but for a fraction of the cost (pro tools over priced for the same product as usual).

    Anyway, Just my findings and opinion.

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