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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by Shane Milburn, Mar 18, 2001.

  1. Hi, I'm considering MOTU for a DAW setup and from the MOTU site it appears the S/N on the 1224 is quite better @116db than the 2408 mkII of @106db. Both are 24 bit with same sampel rates. (I think I have the specs right above)

    Bottom line - can you hear the difference?

    Thanks for any comments. Shane
  2. Tony C

    Tony C Guest

    The 2408 mk2 is not as deep as the 1224, the 1224 is 116 db s/n and the 2408 is 105 db s/n and you can hear it big time. I had both. If you got the bucks the 1296 looks like a good deal also (the way of the NEAR future is 96khz). I heard it was a little wider and cleaner than the 1224 in the upper register (above 15K). ;)
  3. Originally posted by Tony C:
    The 2408 mk2 is not as deep as the 1224, the 1224 is 116 db s/n and the 2408 is 105 db s/n and you can hear it big time. I had both.

    What have you moved on to, and what caused you to not stay with the 1224? I'm seriously shopping right now and leaning to the 1224 - basically gathering pros/cons.

  4. Tony C

    Tony C Guest

    I originally purchased the 2408mk2 when it first came out thinking I'd need the tascam concections it offered but then I decided after I made the purchase I wasn't getting a Tascam mixer.
    So, I thought I'd trade it back to the store and get the 1224. I'm glad I got it...... still have it.
    smili, when it come to converters get the best you can afford.
  5. studioxyz

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    About a year ago I purchased a 2408 after my AKAI DR4ds could not be made masters over my G4/Logic Audio anymore....I was soooo disappointed in the sound of the converters compared to what I had been used to (the DR4ds, an Audiomedia 3 card, and a Studi/o card--none of them 24 bit) that I returned it the next day and swapped it for the 1224. I was thrilled with the 1224 and still use it...I have never gone back to any of the old gear. Forget the 2408. :)
  6. :confused: I don't get it: Why does MOTU say their cards only convert at 44.1 or 48 KHz (except 1296) when after all PCI 324 is suposed to be 96KHz "ready", that is, each audiowire port accepts 12 tracks at 96KHz (at least that's what they say at their site). Do they mean NOW or later, after some upgrades? If 1224's just got 8 in 8 out and hooks to a "96 KHz ready" PCI 324, then it should be announced as 96KHz... I guess.
  7. :D OK OK, I get it now, it's just de PCI card which allows 96 KHz, not the boxes... :p
  8. Silverlining

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    Anyone tried using a 2408 with better D-A converters hooked up via the T/DIF or ADAT outs? I've got two remarkably priced Tascam IF-DA8s and the difference in signal depth is impressive. It ain't Apogee but at £150 a pop, you can't complain. Just curious to see anyone else has tried this setup with these or other converters and how they are finding it...

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