Converters of the digidesign HD192 - 96 IO & Apogee Rose

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by promisespro, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. promisespro

    promisespro Guest

    Hi everyone

    Are the converters of the apogee Rosetta 800 like or better then the digi design HD96 or 192 ?

    With the new X-Firewir card we can use the Rosetta 800 as a sound card or interface for the PC.


    Abdullah Al balushi
  2. Johnjm22

    Johnjm22 Guest

    I would expect the converters of the Rosetta to be better than those of the 96 or far.

    With the firewire expansion card you can use the Rosetta as an interface to your PC. But to be used with Pro Tools you need the Apogee HD expansion card made just for Pro Tools. Remember though that you'll still need Digidesign hardware to run Pro Tools, so you'll need more than just the Rosetta :(
  3. another sucky thing about PT (LE anyway) is products like the 002 have a 48k limitation on the optical.
  4. Duardo

    Duardo Guest

    I haven't compared the Rosetta 800 and 192 directly, but I did compare the older AD16 to the 192 and found the AD16 to be more accuarate. They were very close sonically, and the differences were subtle...and I wouldn't necessarily say that the AD16 sounded "better"...but when we compared them to the analog source signal, we all agreed that the AD16 sounded closer than the 192. The Rosetta 800 is supposed to be an improvement over that.

  5. promisespro

    promisespro Guest

    :cool: So many thanks for all of you guys..

    Actually I like the things been recorded with the pro tools HD, I like the output & I think after the good mic and a good preamp stage the quality is coming from the HD192-96I/O cards converters...

    I want to get the same result or better then that using my windows recording software’s like the ( Cakewalk Sonar4 ) or cubase or logic audio or smplitude 8 or any windows music recording software...

    Because the HD card dos not support my favotare software...
    I think if the Apogee Rosetta 800 will gave me better or same as HD output so that will be the best for me especially The apogee new X-FireWire card will make the Rosetta as a sound card and it will be compatible with windows pc and Mac as a Sweet Water Sales manager told me...

    what i need is :

    - Rosetta 800

    - X-FireWire Card from Apogee

    And a Fire Wire port or card in my PC..

    Anyone have tryd or compared the Rosetta 800 with the pro tools

    cards HD129-96 please let me know your opinion and advice...

    A good news for me >>> I will collect my M149 jubilee & the Avalon AD2022 from FedEx On Monday 01/24/2005 >>> Rosetta 800 will be the next Oreder ... 8)

    Thanks for all of you for the great inputs & help

    It was great & waiting for more inputs

    Best wishes,

    Abdullah Al balushi - Oman
  6. sammyg

    sammyg Active Member

    Dec 12, 2003

    If your thinking of getting some apogee stuff check out their Big Ben or any apogee converters that have the C777 clock ( which IS the big ben), makes a difference.

    I heard someone did a test by hooking up a Big ben to some soundblaster cards and it sounded as good as a 002 or HD converter! ouch! ( dont know if this is true, just saying what I have heard).

    RME also have a new clock( being used in their converters) called Steady clock, again, apparantly a very good solid clock. This is supposed to have lifted their converters up a notch, not that they're not good already!



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