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Discussion in 'Orchestra' started by leif1970, Sep 29, 2007.

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    I need help choosig the appropriate Software Reverb to add a hall convolution to a recorded orchestra on 10 channels and 1 stereo microphone (the listener). The end result will be in Stereo.

    I plan to record the ensemble with 3 mics behind the orchestra (2 corners and back wall), 2 side mics, 3 mics in front of the orchestra (2 corners and wall) and 2 roof mics. These will all be Rode NT55 mics. There will also be a stereo AEA R-88 Ribbon mic for the direct sound (the listener) further away in front of the orchestra.

    The orchestra will be recorded in a dry space (but large enough for the instruments to speak very well).

    I then want to add convolution to the placed mics to imitate a larger hall of the same position from each aspect of the orchestra.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

    Leif Sundstrup

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    I'd suggest you try this post over in the acoustic music forum. There's lots of folks who can help you in choosing reverb as well as mics, placement, etc.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "Roof" mics, but I'm guessing you mean overheads?
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    I agree with Joe.

    My favorite IR reverb is SIR (actually available as a free download!!)

    However, I'm having a really hard time understanding your mic placement. I don't mean any offense, but this mic placement simply won't work. (unless you're going for a non-traditional sound that is more effect than music). Mic'ing an orchestra from the rear corners...overhead/ceiling mics...a blumlein pair in the just doesn't add up to a convincing stereo sound. Sorry...

    Cheers -


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