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    I have recently began making and mixing hiphop music using various pieces of software, and one particular programme is giving me a lot of greif when recording. When I record, I play the beat through Windows Media Player and record via a mic plugged into Cool Edit Pro 2. Then, when I press record and try and play the beat only one will come through (the one I press first). I believe it may be my soundcard, as it is a rather basic set up, however I have been told their is a way to configure Cool Edit to record with the mic and play a beat. I have tried playing the beat through various different programmes (including Cool Edit itself), but when it does work, Cool Edit records the microphone and the beat. This has got me totally stumped, I can usually fix most problems with Cool Edit but ever since I have bought my new PC the programme has being giving me greif with recording.

    Please help!

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