Cool Edit Pro - lost right channel????????!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by PRB, Mar 10, 2005.

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    I am an amatuer acoustic guitarist who uses cool edit pro to support my practice/work.

    I was listening to a file in the single wave form side of the program (i.e. not in multitrack) when I decided to shut off one of the channels so I could listen carefully to a guitar solo in the left channel. I highlighted the right channel, right clicked and applied "silence." Now, that channel is dead altogether. For example, I went to the Audigy Sound Blaster sound card controls and discovered through a diagnostic test that I'm getting no sound in the right channel. In other words, the dead channel is not limited to cool edit pro. I've searched for the control to switch them back on but cannot find them.

    There must be a control somewhere that I'm overlooking. Anyone have a clue?

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    Under DEVICE PROPERTIES, try checking or unchecking the TRY AS WDM option.
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    The "Apply Silence" command is a destructive editing feature in CEP when using the 2-track editor. If you saved the .wav file after doing that you replaced whatever audio was originally on the right channel with digital silence, so that any program that you now open it in will only give you left channel audio. Again, "Apply Silence" is an editing command, NOT a parameter control of your sound card or drivers.

    Do no use this file to test the sound card. Try another file that you know has both channels. If you have now lost the right channel output of your sound card, it has absolutely nothing to do with CEP. The problem lies elsewhere.

    The easiest, non-destructive way to listen to left or right audio in that window is to move the cursor to the upper or lower edge (left or right, respectively) of the wave form view. As you do so, you will see an L or R, again, respectively, appear next to the cursor. When you see either letter appear next to the cursor, left click where you want to start listening, and you will see the opposite channel become grayed out, but its wave form will remain. When you hit play, you will only hear the channel where you clicked. This is a much safer way to monitor one channel or the other in CEP than applying silence. That's dangerous if you're working with a critical file.

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