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    Mar 20, 2008
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    One of the other topics has sort of digressed into a very pertinent topic with regards to any computer.

    Keeping things cool yet quiet.

    In light of that I thought I'd post some of the things I do to ensure quality operation of my machines.

    On my desktops I run three internal fans. Two sucking in and one blowing out. Where there is room I use 12cm fans otherwise I just use the 8cm vari speed. I have modified case side panels with drill bits to allow more air flow as well. Of course, every three or four months I blow the dust out of them too. None of my fans are set higher than the medium setting and most are set at low so are very quiet.

    The key is volume of air and not speed of air. Also, if you can mount your hard drives so there are air channels on all sides that helps tons. Tie the cables down to the edge of the case (get longer cables if necessary) and this increases air flow tremendously.

    For my laptops, I do utilize the external USB cooling pads (Targus/Belkin/whatever). They don't last terribly long for me IMO (9-15 mo) but since I began using them my laptops last for 2-4 times as long without serious issues. I also diassemble and blow these out one to two times per year.

    On the same type of thought process:
    Since I don't run or own live PA's anymore I have the luxury of leaving at least a half rack space above and below all my pre's and interfaces and HD24XR too. The deep cases have 12cm fan panels set on low on the back rails to increase air flow too.

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