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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by gravitykills, Aug 6, 2006.

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    if you have a session burned to a data DVD - on a mac - and simply make a straight data DVD copy of it on a PC, is there any reason that the data would change? ie., would the new DVD become unreadable in protools? and please note, the data DVD copy made on the PC was just a straight burn. no open session. thanks.
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    If the original Pro Tools session did not have Mac/PC compatibility enforced, then it could be unusable on a PC.
  3. gravitykills

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    the sessions were not opened prior to cloning the data DVD's

    right . . . but thing is that however the sessions were originally saved to the multiple data DVD's, it was never opened up on my PC. i was just taking the DVD's and - without opening them in protools or any other application - using a DVD burning program to make identical clone copies as backup.

    it is the backup disks (all the files copied exactly the same size as expected) that wouldn't open in protools in either mac or PC. my question is is there any reason that making exact clones of data DVD protool sessions created on a mac and cloned on a PC would morph into unusable versions of the original sessions, even though they looked identical and were the same size?

    is there some odd rule of data DVD burning that prevents cross-platform copies from being made? perhaps some weird proprietary viral issue?
  4. gdoubleyou

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    Depends on how the DVD was burned, in my burning app I have the option of making it both mac/Pc compatible for a data disc.

    If it is mac only format you will need and app like DAVE or Mac Drive to acces Mac files on a PC.

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