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Discussion in 'Publishing / Marketing' started by wheelhummer, Aug 2, 2005.

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  1. wheelhummer

    wheelhummer Guest

    I was wondering, that if you make a Tape or recording and it is your own band, or yourself playing the music, and it is a song that is copyrighted, and you change the song and don't use the same lyrics but change them around, but use the title in the song could this be considered copyright infringment. I mean if the song doesn't sound exactly the same as the original then is it considered copyright infringment if or if you don't sell the material. Any comments welcome. Thanks!
  2. Copyrights cover lyrics and melody. That would still be infringement unless you got a mechanical license to reproduce it or a performance license (contract, agreement, whatever) to perform it.
  3. s2n

    s2n Guest

    i completely agree. since your band holds the copyright, you as a solo musician do not. you could always license it non exclusively from the band to yourself. but all in all, if you don't plan on trying to make any money off the "remix" then it all pretty much falls under the radar. and i wouldn't worry about it.

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