Copyrighting Question: What format to send?

Discussion in 'Publishing / Marketing' started by Stringbean, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Stringbean

    Stringbean Guest

    I've been surfing everywhere, and i hear that you can copyright a mass amount of songs. I was wondering if anyone knew.....

    How many cds can you send in w/ a SR form?

    What format, Wav, MP3, ect.?

    How Do you lable the songs? (On SR form or on seperate piece of paper)

    Is Ok to send 50+ songs?
  2. bwmac

    bwmac Active Member

    Mar 15, 2007
    do you mean that you would like to copyright your original songs
  3. Stringbean

    Stringbean Guest

    yes, im all digital so i do use some non-royalty samples that i purchased. Come think of it, do i have research those and include artists for them? Otherwise its all mine. this is my 1st shot at copyrighting and i know nothing except what ive read. oh and nice quote.
  4. MadTiger3000

    MadTiger3000 Active Member

    Nov 16, 2004
    You don't need to bother with listing all of the drum hits, horn stabs, etc. That's ridiculous.

    Your main concerns:

    They only accept WAV. They want a CD they can listen to on a standard player, that is.

    If you copyright a collection, you can use one form per CD.

    You may need to get together with someone to help you with these things.
  5. bwmac

    bwmac Active Member

    Mar 15, 2007
    The way I understand it, any record, public or otherwise that absolutly dates your song, proves that it's yours at that time.
    I upload my demos to a music site that dates them, but I'm not a pro.
    Here is one site I use

    you can remove the download feature and also add breaks or a tone every 10-15 secs if you want, but I uploaded a rough copy to get listeners and reviews on what other artist think. (not very accurate though)

    Burning it to a CD and sending it to "CD baby" or one of the other promoters would date your songs.

    other then that you need the CD text info uploaded to "gracenote" Thats another thread and I'm not saticfied with an answer as of yet.

    There are a few good links that others have posted and some are in this music business thread.

    Happy hunting Stringbean
    and if you come across anything new,
    please leave a post about it.

  6. Stringbean

    Stringbean Guest

    Thank you for your reply, it is appreciated indeed! I finally after a week of trying(yes a week) got threw on the phone with the US copyright office. did a back flip and a half when i didnt get the message that the phones were shut down do to volume. anyway i found that you can send them as many cds as nessary. They also except MP3 and WAV formats. For all you fellow digitals if you use non-royalty samples that you have purchased. You have to write "Used some sampleing" in the 6-A section of your SR form. This is what ive found about the subject. again ty bwmac.

    US Copyright # 202-707-3000
    ext 1 and then 0 to speak to copyright specialist
    good luck trying to get threw
  7. bwmac

    bwmac Active Member

    Mar 15, 2007
    Now I have a Question;
    Is the SR form required for Canadian residence?
  8. Stringbean

    Stringbean Guest

    not sure, but i did read somewhere that USA has good relations w/ many but not all countries. I would assume canada is, but its not really something to base an assumption on.

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