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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by LFOTremolo, Nov 11, 2001.

  1. LFOTremolo

    LFOTremolo Guest

    Anyone out there gotten any decent work done with this card? The Core 2 was my first foray into DAW music making. Talk about a trial by fire... After hours on the phone with tech support to sort the dreaded IRQ conflict situation I hit the wall after reinstalling drivers without completely uninstalling first--an excruciating process involving registry editing and other PC hoop jumping which intimidated me into shelving the whole system rather than attempt it. Later on, after becoming more computer savvy I reinstalled everything including the MP100 daughterboard (which my local music store was now giving away free with a purchase of guitar strings ;) ) and to my surprise was up and running nicely, with the lexichip effects doing thier thing quite nicely. Just curious to see if anyone has been producing anything with this system or is it in the box of disused cables and connectors as mine once was. :cool:
  2. gbrogan

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    I've done some tracking with mine, but don't have any real finished product to speak of. I'm hoping to get some real work done soon. I just added a Fostex VM 88 to my rig to take advantage of the ADAT I/O on the core 2 - & had to jump through the driver hoop a few days ago myself in order to get the I/O to work properly. Doesn't it suck that Lexicon won't release the source code for third-party driver development?
  3. doobop

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    Same here really. Only stuff I have is not using the effects. Driver problem is a nightmare. Occasionally my system (Win98SE) just locks as windows comes up. Have to boot to dos, delete the ids.vxd file and then I can get in to windows. Deinstall including reg hacks and then reinstall and hope I don't have to go through the loop again. Contacted Lex over WDM drivers but only reply I had was there might be a driver update to fix the Wavepipe problem in Cakewalk ProAudio 9 and Sonar. When it works it's great. I use it with a PCI-822 card and feed the combined 16 channels into a Tascam TM-D1000 which I rellay like.

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