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    Howdy all. I have been poking my head around and found this place ;) I worked at lexicon as an alpha tester on the core 2 for Mac and PC (amongst other things), while I'm not a code jockey, I have found a few interesting things about it. Here's some things that might help people with problems.

    1) be carful when reinstaling drivers in windows, regedit is a bitch
    2) Clicking and popping: Could be a USB problem like lexi sugests, but somtimes when you have too few I/O's activated in the lexpanel that can do it too. Noticed this one when only out 1/2 were open or out 1/2 and in 1/2. Just click on a couple more I/O's to activate them.
    3)The apps that the core 2 really likes are logic and cubase. If your getting a core 2, or are looking for software, try one of these two software apps.
    4)The core 2 is still suported by Lexicon, in other words tech folk will still take core 2 calls. (call em! keep em working!)
    5)Don't expect to see any new drivers anytime soon, and forget about 2k, XP or OS X support... It might work, might not, no guarentees though.
    6)As for open source on their code. I definatly don't think Lexi will do this. So I wouldn't get your hopes up.

    I love my core 2, for the $$$ I got mine at GC for $129 you can't beat it (on win 98 at least)
    The mp-100 is definatly underated, and sounds really quite good.

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