Correct way to connect & record guitar in stereo?

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by MC208, Jun 2, 2017.

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    You're absolutely right, boulder, and you make a good point. Good catch. It's not impossible, but they make it harder than it needs to be. I've never used Vegas, it sounds great. It sounds like it is very well thought out platform for both audio and video editing, and they might make it a lot easier than the other guys. The OP says he's using Vegas, which might put him at an advantage.

    Sub-frame audio editing can be done in FCP and Premiere to various degrees, which are the two I've used for 17 yrs (first 9 yrs. with FCP 1.0 - 4.5HD, last 8 yrs. with Premiere CS4 - CC2017). Premiere has proven to be much easier to manipulate audio than FCP, but back then I was also using ProTools too - so I would do all the audio sweetening there.

    To edit sub-frame in Premiere, you have to change the sequence increments to "show audio time units" to get sample-accurate 48k/sec in the sequence / timeline. You have to really know where to look for it though, it's not in the preferences, project settings, or upper level menu anywhere - it's a choice in a small on-screen sub-menu within the Sequence. FCP sub-frame capability is limited to 1/100th of a frame. I still think a novice would get through it much faster trimming the audio in their DAW. Now if they were experiencing 'drift' on a long video, and had to constantly re-align things, it would be much better to do it in the NLE.
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    Yes, boulder is correct. You can disable that quantize to frames option and it will allow you to trim, or edit events exactly as you need.
    I also have two other mics:

    Audio Technica ATM41a
    RODE NTG-1

    Would they be useful to mic a guitar? Or only use the SM58?
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    To mic a guitar cab, SM58 would be my choice...
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    Vegas is a DAW and NLE in one program. No need to switch.

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