CPU usage problems that interfer whilst recording

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    I have this returning problem; I use the jurassic Cubase 2.0SX for tracking my recordings on my laptop (Dell XPS M1530) alongside a Presonus Firepod. I remember that I had the same problem installing everything on a fresh computer; the issue is that when I display the performance bars, the CPU usage bar, even at an empty project, without any plugins or midi running, is at an unreasonable high level, and also jumps up and down randomly. And when I record stuff, every now and then there occur a noticeable jump in the playback, which of course brings me out of the beat, and I have to start over again. Also small noises can be heard on wave tracks, reminding of vinyl noises, only not that ofter, yet more audible and sharp.

    In addition, the Firepod once in a while "resets" itself, simply shutting off and on for a second or two. None of this was any problem for a long while until I formatted my computer a few weeks back. So while the computer was stuffed with files, games and programs, Cubase ran smoothly. So I must at some point have installed something, upgraded something or changed some settings that made miracles, still I have no idea on what that could be.

    I can add that I have run through a "music recording computer optimizing walkthrough", as well as downloaded the latest driver for my Firepod. I've set latency to 8 milliseconds.

    Anyone have any tips here? I'd be forever thankful.


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