Crazy Idea (or not?) for the GT-8

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by jfavela, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. jfavela

    jfavela Guest

    So I understand many GT-8 users use flat-response active or keyboard monitors in conjunction with the GT-8. I assume this is true primarily for live applications?
    I want to use the GT-8 primarily for studio use. I was planning on buying a guitar combo (Roland JC120) to or a nice high end low-watt tube combo to use with the pedal. The plan was to mic the speakers to capture the physical organic tones of the pedal/speaker result.

    I had another idea. I own a pair of Alesis M1 active monitors. What if I ran the GT-8 into my Mackie mixer, then sent the Main L output to one speaker and the R to another, then mic the monitors. Am I crazy or would this be a practical method?

  2. McCheese

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    Mar 24, 2005
    Guitar amp speakers really do a lot of tone shaping in themselves. The Alesis wouldn't sound anywhere near the same, you'd have to rely on any cab modeling the GT-8 had built in.

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