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    This is the first time I'm writing on this forum and pretty glad to meet experienced people there.

    I looked trough all the messages on this forum but didn't find the answer on my question that's why I'm writing it.

    I'm arranger from Paris. I don't have a lot of money to have all the gear I need. I just want not to have problems with sound card and to make music. Any way, if my demo likes to someone in a label, it will be re-recorded in the pro studio.

    Actually, I wonder what have you heard about these three cards:

    - Echo Mia (multiclient)
    - Ego Sys Waveterminal (multiclient)
    - Creamware Luna II(?)

    I can afford to buy one of them. The problem is which of them. They have about the same price, about the same specifications, the same I/O (but Luna with MIDI, but that's not a point).

    I'm particulary interested in Luna. It seems that this is very powerfull card from very known manufacturer. Are the drivers are multiclient? How can I work with Gigastudio and Cubase at the same time (to mix audio tracks from Cubase+realtime arrangement from Gigastudio)
    :p , my actuel sound card ISIS (sorry) make me mad and completely uncreative.

    Thank you very very very much for advance
  2. Opus2000

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    Apr 7, 2001
    Generally any card is not going to make the two programs you want to work together run snoother...Any Giga product will hog your resources on your machine..when running Cubase in the background as well look forward to some possible hesitations in your system.
    The LunaII has gotten some good reports indeed but it is not really a hugely popular far the most popular cards are the RME hammerfall with the UA plug in cards! Echo cards are really nice..multi-client and multi-card ability..EgoSys..not many people use those at me they look cheap and unreliable.
    I guess it really depends on what your system specs are. List them for us and I can gauge better your system can handle multiple programs like you mentioned
  3. shandor

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    First of all, THANK YOU, Opus2000! It's really nice to spend some time on me. I appreciate it!

    My system is:

    ASUS A7V133
    Athlone 900
    20Go WD Caviar ATA100
    Video 32Mb Elsa Erasor III

    I don't have problem to handle all these progs. I have already tried. It goes as it sould do. The problem that I'm not satisfied with my card, 'cuz when I'm making some arrangement, I'd like to listen at least to the rythme which is placed in... Cubase because you play differently with and without. I use Giga for strings, keyboards, pad, synth... all where you really need to play.
    I've also heard many good things about MIA. What about Hammerfall... It's digital (as far as I know) and multichannel. I don't really need it, 'cuz I make the recording in the pro studio. At mine, I'd like to make my arrangement, ideas etc. But still with a good quality.

    Thanx one more time

    Looking forward with impatience to your proposals and comments
  4. Opus2000

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    Apr 7, 2001
    the MIA card does look great and I would not doubt that it would be good for you..the Echo products have a great line going and I'm all for them! I own an original Layla 20 bit that I still use and love very much..I will be upgrading to a new Layla very soon so that I will have the ability to use the optical inputs when needed!
    Echo cards are Multi client indeed so there is no problem there..the only thing I'm wondering about is that with MIA you only have two outputs..Usually multi client works better with 4 output(1 and 2) set to Cubase and second output(3 and 4) set to GigaStudio...I would possibly go for the Gina card...this way you have a breakout box that you can easily access instead of constantly haveing to go behind the computer!!
    Your system definately sounds stable and fast...the only thing I would suggest is getting a second hard drive for data storage!!
  5. shandor

    shandor Guest

    Thank you very much, Opus2000,

    I'm glad that there is the people like you :p
    I think I will take Mia. Of course, my first thought was about Gina, but... Here, In France the prices on soundcards are completly mad!!!! Gina costs about 4600 FF or about 700$!!!! Can you imagine? I still don't have my constant revenu to afford it.

    Nevertheless, thank you for ensure me. Now I will not regret for my choice. And above it, after I can add Gina or Layal or even Mona without a problem, they are all perfectly compatible.

    Thanx a lot


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