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Discussion in 'Microphones & Recording' started by Banshee Productions, Feb 28, 2002.

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  1. This is some thing I put up just to get my site on. It's a little sloppy as I was in a hurry. Everything you hear was done with a Brian Moore guitar, GR-33(Roland Synth)and a Zoom RT-323 drum machine. Thae solo is a Fender strat through a G-Force and a Marshall. Much more Fusion to come.
    Thanks for having a great forum.
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    I listened to "waiting for snow" on and thought it sounded great, I'm wondering what your set up is for recording, the basic gear list. It's good to hear what others are producing.
  3. Thanks Frank.
    The list is pretty complete.A Brian Moore Guitar through a GR33 synth into channels 5-6. Zoom strraight into the 001. Fender strat ( hot-Rodded) through marshall, miked into G-Force directly into 001. The bass was also done with the GR33. Pretty basic.
    There is a new tune on MP3 that I did using the Zoom Midied into the 001 and routed into XV-88 for drums, & JV1080 for the rest of the sounds, except guitar from VG-88.

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