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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by purebloom, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. purebloom

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    What I have isn't excellent equipment, but it is all I have to work with right now.

    What I have:
    Compaq Presario SR1214NX
    Fostex MR-8 Digital Multitracker
    MXL 990 and 991 (I have yet to use these because they were a christmas present and I didn't get a phantom power unit with them and I know they aren't the best mics but they are much better than the cheapy mics from a department store. Also, I have yet to get a preamp, should I get a preamp that has the phantom power option, or should I get them separate... what do you suggest for lowest cost, but highest quality ratio for a preamp and power unit.)
    Latin Percussion Fiberglass Bongo's
    Takamine EG-15C
    Peavy Axcelerator
    (Which do you prefer Pro Tools or Cubase.. and why?)

    What I will be recording:
    Mostly recording will consist of acoustic guitar (stereo mic'd) some electric guitar (nothing too heavy) vocals, and various acoustic percussion.

    My intentions:
    I want to be able to create a quality recording. Something that is listenable and isn't recorded from a computer mic, or even something through a multi-tracker and just eq'd to sound right. I want to take it another level and be able to make it a dynamic recording that has crisp clear highs and smooth deep lows.

    What would you use and how would you setup a recording "studio" with the equipment I have (computer, mics, mr8).

    This post may sound ultra n00bish, and well... it is, but I'm trying to inform myself by reading lots of the boards on here and searching for as much recording information online as possible. I'm also buying books and trying to inform myself. This is definitely a passion of mine and something I would like to make into a very serious hobby if not a career.

  2. purebloom

    purebloom Guest

    Any suggestions crazy or not are appreciated. :) Just trying to figure out the best setup with what I have... and I've messed around so a bit, but I'd like to know what you guys think.
  3. Kurt Foster

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    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    The first thing you need to do is get a phantom power supply so you can use those mics ... Audio Technica makes them and so do some other companies ... Check Markertek for phantom power supplies.

    You may need a pre amp as welll but I don't think the Fostex has insert returns to bring a pre in past the Fostex pres ... You want to avoid running through 2 pres if possible. That's why I suggested a power supply. If you do choose a mic pre, almost any small inexpensive pre wll do. Don't get caught up into the marketing blitz of mid level manufacturers ... The cheap pres work as well as any of them IMO ... To see an improvment, you need to move into the high end. The pres you have are probably fine for what you want to do.

    Rane makes a decent inexpensive pre as does Studio Projects ...
  4. purebloom

    purebloom Guest

    Thanks Kurt. I've been excited to use the mics and I already know what power supply I'm going to be getting I just haven't gotten it yet. Thanks for the insight on the preamps. If anyone else has any advice on setup please feel free to share. :)
  5. purebloom

    purebloom Guest

    Instead of getting a phantom power unit just for the mics I picked up a Yamaha MG 10/2 for $100 tonight at Guitar Center. This has phantom power to run my mics and I can do more with it. I plugged it into my MR-8 (and directly into my computer too) and am still going to play around with how I want to record. Because the Yamaha MG 10/2 has pre's and I'm running that into the MR-8 (which I don't know off the top of my head if it has pre's.. I should just refer to manual) will that make it horrible having it run through two pre's? If this is the case I can just use the Yamaha MG and run that directly into my computer thus bypassing doubling on the pre's.

    I'm ignorant and naive but I think these mics sound great (obviously compared to what I had and I'm sure when I get even better mics I'll look back and realize these are cheap and crappy compared to the bigger and badder mics - although it seems there is ALWAYS something bigger and badder)

    I used the MXL 990 and 991 on my acoustic guitar and placed the 991 around the 18th fret and the 990 several feet back in front of the soundhole and I messed around with that for awhile and found some spots I like (This is my first experience with this and am beginning to notice which spots sound better from trial and error).

    Well, I'll stop rambling - just excited to be learning new things and enjoying the new equipment. Oh ya, also picked up a really extensive book on recording and it covers a lot.. well time to go read it.

    Thanks for all the information and help you guys offer, I haven't posted very much but I've read many-a-thread on these boards!

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