Crimson - USB Interface & Monitor Controller

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    No idea of the cost of this but it looks very cool.




    Model 1250
    USB Interface & Monitor Controller
    10/20 I/Os via USB, S/P-DIF, Analog XLR, RCA, 1/4" and Mini Jacks
    Availability scheduled for July 2013

    • In Detail

    Professional sound at an incredible price.

    The SPL Crimson combines a USB interface with high-quality preamps and a separate, fully-featured monitor controller. You can play and play back, record and convert, control and listen with one single device.
    So all you essentially need for a truly professional recording setup is the Crimson and a DAW.

    Special Features

    • 30 I/O channels (10 recording channels and 20 playback channels)
    • +/- 18V operational voltage for professional levels up to +24dB
    • Two boutique level, discrete Class A, +/-30V high-voltage mic-preamplifiers
    • Two Hi-Z instrument preamplifiers
    • Two separate headphones amps, individually controllable
    • Connect and control two stereo speaker sets
    • Monitor signal mix function for playback and recording paths
    • MIDI input and output via two DIN sockets
    • USB 2.0, S/P-DIF input and output
    • 24Bit/192kHz converter
    • Made in Germany

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