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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by kelly644, Sep 30, 2005.

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    Hi, back...

    Here's the set up I'm proposing...

    By selling one of my synths, my Mbox, and Aardvark DP 24/96, the whole thing should cost me about 2500-3K...

    Basic idea is a set-up studio capable of recording atleast a full drum kit with the possibility additional dudes... and able to do the rest of the band after drum take.

    *This is not intended to be a pro studio... rather something more capable than a typical "bed room/project" studio, where I can practice recording bands with decent quality, but cheap. And with enough mic options so that I dont do the same thing over and over*

    For headphone mixes and avoidance of PC monitor latency, Pre-amp outs are sent to Furman Patchbay and Multed... One path into into PC for tracking, other path sent into individual inputs on Yamaha 10/2 for headphone mixes.

    List doesnt include Mic Stands and other extras

    I would like to add one Large Diaphram condenser which would cost approximatly 500 on the used market exclusively for vocals. Please make a suggestion. (Note: I'm considering a Groove Tubes GT-66)

    I would also like to add a matched pair of small diaphram condensors for Hats and OverHeads with a smooth/warm or airy high-end... basically something without a sharp/painfull high-end without sounding dull. 300 used total. Please make a suggestion.

    Mic wise, I'm trying to go mostly cardiod as I dont know what type of environment the set-up will be in, and I'll rarely ever use ORTF and other micing techniques using OMNI patterns.



    Currently owned or ordered:

    * Motu 896 + Digimax LT + Furman Power Condition + Patchbay + Rack = 1400 approx

    Mackie HR-824 Pair

    Boston Acoustic PC audio

    * Oktava MKL-2500 - 99

    Sure PE-56

    Various Headphones...


    Will be buying:


    Old Stock Nuendo 2.0 - 600

    Behringer ADA8000 - 200

    1x Yamaha MG10/2 - 100 (For Headphone Mixes)

    Crappy Reverb (For Vocal Cue) - 150

    UAD-1 Ultra PAck - 1200

    Furman PB-48 Patch Bay - 130 (For multing pre outs, and future use)



    3x SM57 = 267

    3x E 604 mics - 280

    1 x E602 mic - 130

    2x AT4040 - 400

    2x Kel HM-1 - 200
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    Jan 31, 2005
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    The only thing i dont like is the Behringer ADA8000. Why do you need it when you have already got the digimax LT for 8 channels of pre and the 896 with has 8 too for a total of 16?..and besides I think you only have 12-13 mics anyways.
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    3 Reasons:

    1. On the listening sessions, I liked the way it sounded on the hats

    2. I need to mult after the patchbay, but before it hits the 896

    3. Most importantly, I was a dumb ass and didnt know that the 896 had an additional 8 pres on the analog in... I thought it had 2 :roll:

    Perhaps I'll dump the Behringer...

    Thanks, good catch :)

    - kelly

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